Indian Paintbrush?

There are over two dozen species of Indian Paintbrush in the Intermountain Region, many of which are commonly associated with pinyon and juniper. The genus Castilleja is hemiparasitic (obtaining part of its nutrients by parasitism through its’ roots). Most Intermountain Castilleja’s are fire resistant, resprouting from the crown which is located below the soil surface.

One of the most common species, desert paintbrush (C. chromosa), ranges throughout the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau, frequently associated with sagebrush, black brush, and pinyon-juniper communities (Photo: Great Basin National Park by Rick Miller)
Desert Paintbrush with yellow goldenweed (Stenotus ameroides), black and mountain big sagebrush, and twoneedle pinyon on a shallow rocky ridgetop near the spruce-fir vegetation zone (Photo: Henry Mountains, Colorado Plateau, by Rick Miller)